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private office


Designer/D.L.: Arch. Mirko Giorgetti
Building works: Novaedil, Rignano sull'Arno (FI)
Finishing Works: Muntenia Construct, Florence
Hydro-Thermal Sanitary System: Biagioni Thermohydraulics, Scandicci (FI)
Electrical System/Air Conditioning: GRS, Florence
Fixtures/Interior Doors: Casa Finestra, Pistoia
Lighting: Tornabuoni Lighting & Design Solutions, Florence
Wallpaper: Officinarkitettura, Pieve di Cento (BO)
Furnishings: SP Office, Piediripa (MC) – Valore Aggiunto, Florence
Kitchenette: For Casa-Effe 2, Sesto Fiorentino (FI)

A building positioned within an elegant courtyard of a nineteenth-century building overlooking one of the Viale di Circonvallazione of Florence, was once assumed to be used as a carriage house or in any case at the service of the aforementioned building, after having undergone various transformations over time… from home to bank headquarters… it transforms itself again to become the headquarters of the new offices of a Florentine company. project-dl-archmirkogiorgetti

The space that we found ourselves in front of was made up of a single large room except for the final part where the insertion of the bathrooms and a small closet/archive had already been planned. This overlooks the internal courtyard thanks to round arches where the French window compartments have been created while the ceiling, the main feature of the environment, is marked by the presence of terracotta vaults. In order not to lose this feature, the two volumes that form the offices have a maximum height of ml. 3 compared to the total 4.20, this solution allows us to perceive the presence of the vaults from the entrance for the entire depth of the room; illuminated with grazing light, this effect is emphasized.

Upon entering, another element that catches the eye is the wall that divides the operational open space from the meeting room where wallpaper has been mounted to recall the curved lines of the facade arches. The latter are colored with a light gray tone in harmony with the aforementioned wallpaper designs. Inside the offices, the sole presence of the column of arches is perceived, also painted gray so as to conceptually reconnect to the same arches of the open space of which they are the continuation.

As finishing materials, natural oak parquet was chosen for the floors of the offices, while for the service areas (bathrooms, archives, boiler room) a gray porcelain stoneware in the 60x60 format.

A last note for the furnishings: minimal white "detach" from the gray background of the wallpaper, the flooring and the ceiling and counterbalance the spaces. At the same time they help the diffusion of natural light coming from the large French windows on the facade.

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