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CR_Montemurlo Family (PO)

with ARCHITECT Diletta Dugini

The project consists in reviving an apartment from the late 80s where the living area was fragmented both by the closet and the kitchenette without interruption. We completely eliminate the walls of the kitchenette and make sure that the closet disappears from the view of those who enter thanks to a flush-to-the-wall door, the kitchenette is shielded by a transparent panel with a Baobab tree drawn that expresses "solidity" . To interrupt the open space thus created, a scenic backdrop (based on our design) is positioned, made up of several shelves of different sizes, which divides the dining/reception part from the kitchenette without however affecting both the visual continuity and the continuity of finishing materials. In the dining area, a previous situation is exploited to recreate two open niches with extra-clear glass shelves that counterbalance the modernity of the scenic backdrop. The flush-to-the-wall door, at the entrance to the sleeping area, is covered with the wallpaper on the wall and thus completely disappears from view. In addition to this, the project has studied a solution of built-in wardrobes for the master bedroom where a niche is created inside them for the insertion of a style chest of drawers.
The main material of the project is wood, in planks, which was laid over the entire surface of the house, with the exception of the bathroom, and which envelops some elements emerging from the floor such as the base of the bookcase, the bases of the niches, the low wall entrance/living room separation and the vertical shoulders of the wing itself. The effect is that of having a single "skin" that envelops and softens the perception of the single space. To give strength to this concept, a spider lighting (suspended cables) was studied which gives a homogeneous brightness in the open-space and, at the same time, recreates particular effects of light reflected on the ceiling.
For some walls in the bathroom we chose not to use ceramic cladding, given its small surface, so as not to weigh down the image but we chose a white glossy enamel paint that allows us to make the most of natural light. The dominant colors of the project are: the natural brown of the wood combined with whites, blacks for the open space while for the master bedroom the dove gray which is softened by a warm shade of red in some furnishing details. In conclusion, the external loggia was recovered and becomes a continuation of the living area.

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