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with ARCHITECT Diletta Dugini

The project consists in giving a touch of modernity to a civil house still divided with the classic 60s scheme where the corridor was used to distribute the rooms. The priority of the owners was to redevelop this space without touching the existing floors/coverings, so we only worked on a furniture design and eliminated the kitchen door, creating a scenic "trilithon" capable of bringing natural light into the entrance .
The trilithon is covered in matt white wood which dematerialises its forms and enhances its natural light. The walls are colored in white gloss enamel on the same principle. A glass door, with a single leaf measuring 105x230 cm, based on our design, divides the living area from the sleeping area. The study of the new furniture/wardrobe, also based on our design, which becomes one with the walls, dominates the entrance. This is lightened in its forms thanks to the insertion of horizontal joints that play with light / dark and which divide it into three portions. The same dialogue with two existing vertical concrete-glass elements which contribute to the lightening of the cabinet and which enclose a niche with an extra-clear glass shelf.

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