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Nettuno Real Estate sas


arch. Mirko Giorgetti


Bechini Constructions, Pieve a Nievole - Pistoia


Teknofloor srl


Alessio Panerai - Valore Aggiunto, Florence


Panda Wood, Rubano (PD)
Porcelain Stoneware Di.Pa. Assembly, Monterotondo - Rome

The intervention was aimed at being able to
enjoy the terrace at 360 degrees: during the day as an area
solarium, thanks also to the presence of the swimming pool with
whirlpool, in the evening for cocktails, aperitifs and parties. The intervention of
retrieval has tried to fit into context in a way
discreet and elegant, without going to alter its lines
guide and the characteristics of the space. The new terrace
sees the coupling of two covering materials
all available surface: wood and stoneware
stoneware. The first, in treated teak slats
specifically for outdoors, it covers the area
intended for the solarium and for connection to the swimming pool
positioned on the mountain side; shape, arrangement and color of
staves want to evoke the atmosphere of the old piers
of the fishermen. The second is a porcelain tile in the
classic square format (60x60cm) in beige tones
laid in sequence to create a frame/path
orthogonal, which wants to resume the colors of the beach
underlying and conceptually be its continuity. On the floor thus composed there is a gazebo,
minimalist, also in wood, which serves as a seating area.
A wooden grille with a sunscreen effect, colored white,
shields the area belonging to the hotel from
top floor suite. A sober LED lighting
defines and accentuates the main perspective views.
In order not to intervene on the structures of the attic
existing it was decided to opt for a floor
raised, a solution which also made it possible to
recover the flat cover, to hide the various
technical systems and do not overload the floor itself with excessive weights. This type of
floor also allows you to make the
periodic reviews that the systems need
themselves without going to perform invasive interventions
on structures.

Text: Davide Cattaneo

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