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Diletta Dugini

Valore Aggiunto (FI)

From an interview with the owner we understand that the new image that the Knit Factory G will have to have will have to evoke the craftsmanship of the product but, at the same time, it will have to be current with a strong media impact. Hence the design idea that is based on three main concepts: use of natural materials, transparency, important support surfaces that can serve both for representation and work. The material used par excellence is wood both for the creation of the wall units, shelves, meeting table and for the surface finish of the flooring. The project is conceived with the repetition of the 45 cm module. Measurement taken from the hanger called "Outerwear" also mainly in wood. The wall units are designed as "hanging" volumes in matt lacquered white. These float in the air as separate bodies but all attributable to one and only purpose: simple and intuitive and never invasive worktops. A display stand with its clothes hanger acts as a backdrop at the entrance to the showroom, floating in the air thanks to steel cables "hung" from the ceiling: the customer goes around it and discovers the overall collection of samples that emerges on the various volumes in white wood. These volumes, on an “acid” green background, are thus denaturalized and pay homage to the Knit Factory G sample collection. The meeting (work) table is nothing more than a “peninsula” covered with the same parquet as the flooring which thus covers it in a single “skin”. This goes up on the wall and frames a screen suitable for the projection of the various company samples. We wanted to give greater prominence to the meeting area as a fundamental part of the corporate image. Directional spotlight lighting allows you to highlight the items of clothing to which you want to give greater prominence. The "acid" green color chosen for the walls on the one hand serves to counterbalance the white of the wooden volumes while on the other it pays homage and brings out the warm tone of the flooring which, conceived with a special design, takes up the texture of the fabric making so homage to the company production. What we have designed does not want to be invasive or excel, in terms of aesthetic impact, on the company sample collection, on the contrary, with the warm tones of the floor and the white of the wall units, it wants to act as a backdrop to this and make it the protagonist as a whole.

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