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Project: Draft Project – Organic Form for Business Center – St. Petersburg (Russia) – Competition: 1st Prize

ARCHITECT Sara Bandinelli

ARCHITECT Francesca Squilloni

The client wanted a new image compared to the approved project, therefore they decided to launch a competition by invitation for a new study of the interior spaces with a change of intended use to offices and hospitality spaces, for this reason we started from a critical analysis of the existing project going to redefine a new guideline aimed at creating an interconnection between the various environments so as to redefine their main functions.
Analyzing the external facades, designed with soft and sinuous lines, we saw that the initial project lacked an external/internal relationship as a rational and schematic design excelled in the latter. Thus was born our project which brings the soft lines of the exterior inside the entrance hall and the central "well", recreating that perceptive continuity of the spaces missing in the current state of the project. While the facades with curved lines express a force tending towards the outside, our "organic" shapes, in the entrance hall, embrace the visitor and invite him to experience the building in all its aspects. These organic shapes serve to give movement to the plants and enter, even forcefully, inside the rectangular block so as to shape its spaces. From the 0.00 level you can perceive all the floors from the hall up to the +12.50 level and vice versa, guaranteeing the visual continuity of the whole.We went to work on improving some aspects of the current project, such as: at an altitude of 0.00 a review of the plants has allowed a better livability of the floor, thanks to the new study of the pedestrian paths of the parking lot and an increase in the number of toilets , a rounded entrance canopy serves to connect the lines of the facade with the lines of the interior; at a height of +4.30 the soft lines of the new bulkheads have allowed better use of the public spaces, also eliminating some bottlenecks present in the basic project. The floor at +8.50m above sea level is also designed along the lines of these two floors, where instead of embracing the visitor, the organic forms explode outwards, creating a bowindo that reconnects the guidelines of the elevations. This becomes both a physical point of union between the inside and the outside and a perceptive point of union and therefore goes to recreate, uniting the outside with the inside, the missing guideline on the initial project. At an altitude of +12.00 a terrace on the hall allows an overall view of all the floors below. To accentuate this overall view is the choice of continuous floors and glass bulkheads or translucent materials.
Thinking about the climate of the area, a large skylight allows natural light to filter inside, softening the spaces; the light flowing over the surfaces makes everything soft and velvety.

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