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Architect Mirko Giorgetti

Engineers Andrea Piras
Francesca Squilloni
Ginevra Alioto
Costanza Bartolini

The project concerns the redevelopment of a small apartment near the historic center of Sesto Fiorentino, full of memories of the property that grew up there. The request and the need for this was to review the spaces in such a way as to cancel the strong personal memories that were still breathed inside... as well as that of obtaining a second bedroom for the children.
The "common thread" of the project is the interaction between the colors of black and white that come to life thanks to thoughtful plays of light that help to expand the spaces.
The layout of the house remains almost unchanged as regards the living area which is revised "only" in terms of design and where, the strong point of the project, the furniture is designed to measure; while the sleeping area is totally redesigned to create the new room.

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