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Architect Mirko Giorgetti

Engineers Andrea Piras
Ginevra Alioto
Costanza Bartolini

Following the discussion with the Client on how to live in the house, the two design ideas we present arise. These are based on the elimination of the concept of the house, so dear until the 80s/90s, conceived as individual rooms that "rotate" around distributive filters, in our case the entrance and hallway. The latter remains unchanged as it distributes and regulates the sleeping area; the design idea focuses on the new distribution of the entrance/living room/kitchen.
In both solutions, the total elimination of the entrance/living room wall means that upon entering you perceive the totalitarian nature of the space, amplifying its dimensions on a conceptual level. We "work" on the color tones of the wall where the sofa will be positioned, decorating it with a particular texture or with a decorative resin in light tones that acts as a "catalyst" for those who enter the home.
The current furnishings will be revisited in a modern key, giving them new life ... lacquered white or ... new concept ... covered with a PVC film so as to make them unique in its kind.

A careful study of the lighting dedicated to focus attention on some walls, where the canvases will be positioned, combined with a softer general one will make the environment warm and welcoming.
While as far as the kitchen is concerned, the two projects differ substantially from each other, I will explain them in detail below:
The first solution involves moving the kitchenette to the wall bordering the bathroom; the entrance door is enlarged up to 195 cm so as to be a perfect square (L 195 cm x H 195 cm). The new doorway allows the kitchen to be kept separate from the entrance/living room but at the same time, given the size, it allows the living area to be conceptually perceived as a single one. The dining area is designed with wood/wallpaper/decorative resin boiserie as well as a system of shelves and dedicated lighting.
The second solution involves leaving the kitchenette in the same position as the current one, the entrance door is widened up to 195 cm (centring it on the French window of the terrace) and raised to 300 cm (full height) so as to have a where the base is perfectly half the height (L 150 cm x H 300 cm). As in the first solution, the new doorway allows the kitchen to be kept separate from the entrance/living room but at the same time, given the size, it ensures that the living area is conceptually perceived as a single one. The access door to the closet will be opened in the hall; this will be of the type flush with the wall so as not to make it perceptible to the eye. Upon entering, you will directly perceive the dining area and this certainly makes the home more welcoming and elegant. The furnishings of the latter are in line with those of Solution 1 as we believe that this should be a "focal" point of the home.
In conclusion… a note for the type of flooring, designed in natural oak parquet over the entire surface of the house as a natural element that gives warmth to the rooms and counterbalances the study of the furnishings and minimal finishes that serve to conceptually expand the spaces. Both solutions have the common denominator of making the home more livable even more sophisticated in the layout of the spaces.

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